FrannaMag theme documentation

WordPress theme for personal blogs, news and magazines websites


Lightweight and fast WordPress theme for magazines, news websites and personal blogs build with Bootstrap 5. The theme is free but yet comes filled with premium custom options and is compatible with most WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Polylang, JetPack, etc. Its customizer options give you way to manage your theme for a better look. Use it to make a beautiful and powerfull website. Check the demos to realize that it's the only theme you will ever need: View demo site

The theme comes with a design that will transform your website and give it a nice look to attract readers. Well Designed with custom options to give power to control how you want your website to look and feel. Also, FrannaMag comes with custom widgets and widgets areas to make the look more powerful. FrannaMag support most WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce that can easily transform you website into an E-commerce shop

Theme Features

  • Build with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Bootstrap 5
  • 2+ columns Layouts
  • Custom widgets
  • Custom options
  • Easy to Customize
  • Mobile responsive
  • Perfect for Magazines, News, Personal Blogs


The theme can be installed via a downloaded .zip file or by going to the appearance menu in the dashboard.

Option 1: How to install using .zip file

After downloading the theme you should have a file named: This is a compressed file that contains all the theme's templates.


  1. Go to WordPress dashboard → Appearance → Themes
  2. Click on Add new button
  3. Click on Upload
  4. Select the .zip file you downloaded (
  5. Click on Install now
  6. Then proceed to installation
  7. Follow the steps to activate the theme

Option 2: How to install via Dashboard


  1. Go to WordPress dashboard → Appearance → Themes
  2. Click on Add new button
  3. Go to search and search for: FrannaMag
  4. Click on Install now
  5. Then proceed to installation
  6. Follow the steps to activate the theme

Custom widgets

FrannaMag comes with 3 types of custom widgets that helps display posts in three differents ways. See the picture below for details.

Custom options

Frontpage Layouts

Grid two columns
Grid three columns

Blog Layouts

Blog default
Blog Grid two columns
Blog List

Image size

For a better experience, we recommend (optional) the size of 1000x550 for the Post Thumbnails. Plugins such as Regenerate Thumbnails can be used to adjust all Thumbnails to the correct size.

Recommended image size for the custom logo is 250x150 (and again optional).